Our priorities

In July 2018, the Living Well Network Alliance partners all signed up to a seven-year contract to provide mental health services for working age adults in Lambeth.

All Alliance partners have equal roles and are responsible for the whole system, not just their part, ensuring we work together for the best interests of people we support.

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In Lambeth, the Alliance aims to achieve our ‘Big Three Outcomes’. We’re working together to support Lambeth groups and individuals to:

  1. Recover and stay well
  2. Have control to make their own choices
  3. Participate on an equal footing in daily life

We do this by focusing on our six priorities:

  1. To reduce numbers of people reaching crisis point and give prompt and appropriate support for people in crisis
  2. To increase the number of people able to live independently
  3. To increase numbers of people living in stable and appropriate accommodation
  4. To improve mental health outcomes for people from black communities in Lambeth
  5. To improve physical health for people with mental health issues
  6. To increase numbers of people in education, training, volunteering or employment

To understand our priorities in action, watch some of our stories.