Recognising and supporting carers in the community – Carers Week in Lambeth

Taking place from 5 June – 11 June, Carers Week is about recognising unpaid carers and their valuable contribution to our community. In Lambeth over 18,000 residents are looking after a friend, partner or family member who has an illness, disability, or addiction.

Carers Week

The importance of recognition and support

Since September last year, Lambeth Council, Carers Hub Lambeth and other Lambeth Together partners have been speaking to carers across the borough to inform the new Lambeth Carers Strategy. These conversations have highlighted the importance of recognition and support.

Ruth, who cares for someone with a learning disability, shared her top tips for fellow carers:

“The advice I would give to anyone else who is a carer is that there is help available. Don’t feel you are a failure if you ask for help”

“I would also say that meeting others can be helpful – we can talk and share the things that are affecting us.”

“You may feel you don’t have the time, but if you do it can stop the feelings of isolation and hopelessness. Things can get better”

Carers Hub Lambeth has made a new short video with carers Sarah, Lynne and Nikki talking about the support they get and what really helps them feel listened to and valued.

Check out Carers Hub Lambeth Carers Voices video

How to get support if you’re a carer in Lambeth

Carers’ Hub Lambeth supports unpaid carers aged 5 upwards, offering 1 to 1 support, peer support groups, social and wellbeing activities, and training. Find out more at, [please include clickable link for online version] call 020 7501 8970 or email

Carers4Carers offer wellbeing support for unpaid carers and former carers. This includes fitness (exercise classes, gym, squash, yoga, badminton, tai-chi, personal training, swimming), complementary therapies (eg massage and acupuncture) health checks (eg blood pressure and BMI), wellbeing and self care (meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, stress relief), retreats, outings and group walks.

South London and the Maudsley NHS Trust has produced a useful handbook for for families and carers  providing vital support to people with mental health problems. They have also co-produced with carers two new guides, Emergency Planning Booklet and Planning for the Future. Find out more and download useful resources for mental health carers.

Getting a Carers Assessment could identify further support to help you meet your needs as a carer.

To request a Carers Assessment (if you’re 18+), call Lambeth Council on 020 7926 555.

To request a Young Carer Assessment (if you’re 18 or under), contact the Young Carers team at Carers’ Hub on 020 7501 8972 or by emailing

For more information on Lambeth Carers Strategy, head to:

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