“Here For You” useful Covid-19 information for residents from Lambeth Council

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Lambeth Council have put together a great new resource for Lambeth people called ‘Here for you’. This leaflet provides comprehensive information on what support is available through the Council in the borough. This includes support on:

  • Getting urgent help
  • Financial help, benefits, employment and housing advice
  • Mental health, domestic violence and emotional support
  • Changes to services for children and families

You may have already seen this promoted through Lambeth Together or Lambeth Together partners. You can find out more on the Council website or download the leaflet here.

During this time, Lambeth Council have also been directly supporting residents. A key area emerged quickly as they worked to provide food and care packages as part of an unprecedented offer for vulnerable people not covered by the Government’s ‘Shield’ project.

The Hub’s key role was to set up, supply and deliver essential food to those who were deemed to be vulnerable by the council and NHS. By the end of April, over 8,000 food parcels had been delivered, an amazing achievement in such short a time. Key to that work, was the rapid establishment of a Helpline for vulnerable people, their families and carers to request that support, so that we strove to make sure no one was left without support of some kind. The setting up of the Hub, initially at Brixton Rec and then later at other sites across the borough, was only possible due to the amazing work of our voluntary sector partners and council staff.

You can find out more about the fantastic work done to support Lambeth people by the council here.

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