Getting on in Lambeth – get involved with Age UK’s new project

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We’re all getting older. Why wait to make the most of it?

Age UK Lambeth has started a resilient ageing project to help us all listen to each other and then act together: appreciating and doing more with what’s good about ageing in Lambeth, preventing and dealing with problems, and increasing everyone’s wellbeing across the borough.

Have a look at this leaflet, and let’s get started. To do all we can together, Age UK would like to talk to you, whether you’re young, getting on, got there, a local resident, organisation, authority… We’re all on this amazing ride together, younger people are just older people in training, and ageing is an elite sport. Let’s get good at it.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Paul Springer, Project Facilitator, on or 07785365294.

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