New drink tool helps people know when one’s too many

A new online tool which helps people understand the impact of their drinking has been launched.

Drinkcoach asks 12 simple questions and uses responses to signpost people to appropriate advice and local support.

A quarter of Lambeth residents binge drink at least once a week and 38% of adults drink more than 14 units per week – higher than the national average. This has led to an increase in alcohol-related hospital admissions.

DrinkCoach is part of a new range of online health resources from Lambeth Council available when you search ‘your health Lambeth’ on our website

The service offers advice and links to local help with diet, exercise, smoking and mental health among other areas.

To develop this tool, staff mapped services offered by the community and voluntary sector bodies, as well as those provided by the council and NHS, to create an up-to-date and helpful directory.

So whether it’s trying a new sport, stopping smoking or just getting involved with a local community group, this web tool is a great starting point.

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