Come along to the Empowered Relief Living Well with Pain Event, Monday 8th November

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Empowered Relief is a single-session pain class to teach you cutting edge strategies and how to use them to manage your pain and reduce the pain-related intensity, stress, fatigue and sleep problems.

About this event


This programme is funded by Black Thrive Lambeth and Impact for Urban Health and is only open to Black communities in Lambeth.

Chronic pain is a massive problem in UK with over 8 million people experiencing disabling chronic pain keeping them from engaging in their normal life activities. As a part of our work at RTW Plus, we are keen to support people with chronic pain to manage their condition for an improved quality of life.

This programme is an evidenced based programme, developed by a psychologist who experienced chronic pain throughout her childhood and adolescence without effective solutions. Empowered Relief; and has now been delivered for 5 years and has reaped benefits for hundreds of people who have experienced chronic pain.

The key to success will be in how much you engage in the process and practice so that you can call upon the strategies when you are having ‘bad days’. We look forward to helping you learn to re-train your brain to manage your pain.


Please come along to the Empowered Relief Pain Class.


Date: 8th November 2021

Time: 10am to 12.30pm

Venue (face to face): Studio 5, 209A Coldharbour Lane, London, SW9 8RU


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RTW Plus is in partnership with the NWDA Chronic Pain program to develop and improve access to pain services for Lambeth Residents.

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