1. Last month with funding from Lambeth Together and Lambeth Council’s Community Connections Fund, Thriving Stockwell (a neighbourhood level partner for Lambeth Together) launched Community Living Room health and wellbeing activities in Lambeth.

    Community Living Rooms host health and wellbeing events

    The two ‘Community Living Rooms’ run weekly at the following locations:

    These Living Rooms host health and wellbeing sessions designed and run by local people.

  2. The NHS and partners across south east London are joining over 5,000 community groups across the UK to raise awareness of the true cost of alcohol during this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week, which runs from 3rd to 9th July.

    South East London Integrated Care System (or ICS) is encouraging people to get involved in the week by talking about how much alcohol costs us in the form of health problems, financial worries, relationship breakdown and family difficulties.

  3. As Lambeth celebrates our first Refugee Week as a Borough of Sanctuary, we highlight the ‘Safe Surgeries’ initiative in GP practices in the borough. This supports asylum seekers and refugees to access health care without facing unnecessary barriers.

    Safe Surgeries sign

    By signing up to become a Safe Surgery, GP practices receive training and expert advice on steps they can take to ensure that refugees and forced migrants are able to register easily, are reassured that that their patient information is protected, and that they have language support if needed.