1. Stoptober is back for 2023, with a new national campaign to encourage and support smokers to make a quit attempt. There’s a range of support available in Lambeth for smokers seeking to quit.

    Since its inception in 2012, Stoptober has successfully helped 2.5 million smokers to make a quit attempt and has become a well-recognised annual event in the public health calendar.

  2. Lambeth communities are being encouraged to visit Lambeth’s Health and Wellbeing Bus to find out how to dispose of unused medicines and to speak to a pharmacist about any medicines they are taking.

    Supporting people to understand how their medicines work

    This is part of Lambeth Together and NHS South East London’s drive to support people to understand how their medicines work, how multiple medicines might interact with one another, and to inform them about medicines reviews and how to access them.

  3. Smiling people at Green Social Prescribing FairGeneral practice staff from Streatham Primary Care Network and Streatham AT Medics collaborated with Thriving Streatham to host Lambeth’s first ‘Green Social Prescribing Fair’ on Streatham Common this summer. The event connected patients to services that can offer emotional and practical support and enabled people to explore how green space can improve mental health wellbeing.

  4. This September, Lambeth health and care services are reaching out with an important message: taking the time to ‘know your numbers’ could save your life.  

    High blood pressure is a major cause of heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease and other serious illnesses, but usually has no symptoms until it’s too late.