Black Thrive: How is COVID19 affecting you?

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Black Thrive is a mental health partnership working hard within the borough of Lambeth to create the system changes that will see Black residents thrive.

Black Thrive wants to hear how #COVID19 is affecting you, in terms of wellbeing, employment, health and more. We want to hear from all communities, to compare how people are affected differently and what can be done to better support everyone.

We’ve launched a WhatsApp number to make it easier for you to share your stories.

It’s not a helpline, but the information we gather will be used to help prove that this pandemic is ‘hitting us differently’.

You can tell us via audio message, text message or video message, to our WhatsApp Number: 07828891398. All messages will be treated confidentially and anonymised.

Or you can still contact us at

As a partner of Lambeth Together, this information will help to inform how we make services best benefit people in Lambeth in the future.

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