Young People’s Essential Guide to Coronavirus – new website

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Lambeth Council has launched a new set of web pages aimed directly at young people. The Young People’s Guide to Coronavirus is a one-stop-shop for up to date information, advice and great ideas for making the most of lockdown. Everything they need to know, all from trusted sources, presented in seven sections.

  • Stay Safe is advice on staying safe from harm, avoiding risks, looking after themselves, their families and their friends.
  • Stay Positive helps keep minds fit and healthy, as well as signposting sources of emotional support.
  • Stay Healthy reinforces the keep clear and keep clean message and adds hints on keeping calm.
  • Stay Active pulls together a huge selection of the positive activities available right now online from Lambeth providers.
  • Wifi and Data has guidance on how to stay digitally connected
  • Coronavirus: Facts Not Fiction is a fake news buster.
  • How are you doing it is a call out to young people to tell everyone else how they’re getting through it.

The site is a great example of the Lambeth Together and Lambeth Made spirit, created in less than a week in partnership with the borough’s Youth & Play and Digital Teams. It’s now a place where the borough’s youth providers can share ideas and services.

So, please get young people you work with to go to and ask them to share awesome ideas for living through lock down by posting on social media using the unique hashtag #StayInPower on Instagram and Twitter.

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