Our Health, Our Lambeth Lambeth Together health and care plan 2023-28

What will help us deliver our Plan

In developing our plan, we have reflected on and agreed the ways we need to work and what our staff, Partners and residents need, to help us meet our outcomes.

Our principles

Our principles

To deliver these outcomes, we need to operate differently. By working together and reflecting on our ongoing engagement with patients and service users, we have developed a set of principles which will guide our work in delivering this plan. Without these principles being brought to life, it is unlikely we will be able to fulfil the ambition we have outlined. We will pay attention not only to what we want to achieve, but also to what we do and how we change to genuinely live these principles.

We commit to:

  • a positive and action orientated approach to equity for all protected characteristics including taking an anti-racist approach, seeking to build trust and confidence with our communities
  • an asset-based approach, building and amplifying what is already in the community, starting with the assumption of strengths and trust in Lambeth’s communities
  • a determined and dynamic approach to integration, which understands that no one organisation has the answers to these complex issues we are attempting to tackle, and that collaboration is essential
  • an approach which enables and supports the concept of ‘health and wellbeing in all policies’, building on what has been achieved since 2016
  • undertaking open and participative research, where local people are involved in collecting data and building evidence to inform our decisions

Our ways of working

  • Measure and understand the experience of people accessing our services and use this information to reduce inequalities.
  • Commit to and embed equality, diversity and inclusion across all levels of our system with a focus on reducing health inequalities throughout all our work.
  • Work together as an effective, well-governed, and transparent Local Care Partnership within an Integrated Care System and in collaboration with other Local Care Partnerships.
  • Deliver through our Delivery Alliances and Programmes, with strategic oversight, effective assurance and risk management functions.
  • Maintain a whole system approach to providing health and care by focusing on our quadruple aims: improved patient experience; better population health outcomes; improved experience of providing care; and care delivered at best value
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Our workforce

  • Support our workforce and their wellbeing, including developing and retaining our staff, and supporting fair pay for care staff as part of Lambeth’s Ethical Care Charter.
  • Have a workforce that, at all levels, can relate to people’s lived experience, is representative of and supports our diverse and intersectional communities.
  • Have a workforce that has capacity, is trusted and supported so communities receive a consistent and reliable service.
  • Enable our workforce to work together, across organisational boundaries, in an integrated way, including through our Clinical and Care Professional Network


  • Make sure residents have access to digitally enabled care across health and care settings that are easily accessed, consistent and ensures the right service for their needs.
  • Make sure those residents who do not wish to use digital tools and/or are digitally excluded, can still access health and care services at the same level and standard.
  • Work with partners across South East London Integrated Care System and beyond to enable sharing of information to support planning and care delivery.

Our communities

  • Communicate and engage with our patients and residents using a range of methods, ensuring information is accessible and easy to understand, and listen to patients, residents and community voices, ensuring those voices actively influence improvement.
  • Work collaboratively to reduce health inequalities and support healthy neighbourhoods, recognising and supporting our assets in the community including residents, carers, grassroots organisations, volunteers, voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations and community groups.
  • Have ‘anchor institutions’ that serve the wellbeing of our population by strategically and intentionally managing their resources to help address local social, economic, and environmental priorities to reduce health inequalities


  • Encourage all health and care partners to work together in the same buildings to transform service delivery and improve access to care, delivered from high quality premises


  • Develop a culture and infrastructure that prioritises data-driven decision-making and approaches to understanding the unique needs of Lambeth residents, especially those who are facing health inequalities. Our goal is to make a positive impact on specific populations within our community, such as those from different
    ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and those living in deprived areas.
  • Identify opportunities to improve services, provide proactive care, and understand the impact of what we do on our populations. This will involve improving how we collect and analyse information and learn from best
    practice, research, and quality reviews to continuously improve our efforts

Two examples of our data-driven approach are Lambeth HEART and Lambeth DataNet.

Lambeth HEART is a research and evaluation network developed by Lambeth Council’s Public Health Team in collaboration with local stakeholders, including Black Thrive, King’s College London, and Applied Research Collaboration South London.

Lambeth DataNet is a data resource that links anonymised information to enable us to plan and provide better health care to everyone in the area.

To learn more, visit https://lambethtogether.net/our-ways-of-working/.