1. Lambeth Single Point of Access (SPA) is a team of mental health professionals, support workers and social workers that helps Lambeth adults aged 18 to 65 get the right mental health support first time.

    If you have used the SPA service, whether as a service user or a referring professional, the SPA team would like to invite you to join the next Lambeth SPA Listens event over Microsoft Teams and to share your experience.

  2. Dena Pursell is a Lambeth Care Navigator who shares her personal experience of vaccination

    “I was apprehensive to have the COVID vaccination initially as I didn’t have enough information. After doing a bit of research & attending a zoom discussion with my local GP in Lambeth I got a better understanding of the vaccination process and also the benefits of taking it.

  3. Andrew Eyres, Strategic Director, Integrated Health and Care

    High quality mental health care services are of vital importance in a borough such as Lambeth where there are on average more people requiring support with mental health conditions, and not least given the additional challenges that Covid-19 restrictions and increased isolation present to our residents.