The Harbour – celebrating a decade of recovery

Lambeth’s The Harbour Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centre celebrates 10 years of helping people with ongoing recovery from problematic substance use.

The Harbour – Lambeth’s drug and alcohol recovery centre at Loughborough Junction – opened with a media splash in June 2014, with MPs and council leaders. In 2017, the Government launched its national drugs strategy there.

The Harbour, illustration by Denzil

June 2024 calls for a celebration of 10 years’ work. The Harbour will host an afternoon tea party with guest speakers including Rosanna O’Connor, Director of Addiction and Inclusion, Office for Health, Inclusion and Disparities, and peer mentors talking about the journey from coming in needing help to becoming Harbour Peer mentors who help others in their recovery, or getting into other jobs.

Ruth Hutt, Acting Strategic Director, Integrated Health and Care, said: “Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Over 10 years, the people in through the Harbour’s doors have included professional and creative people, people who have experienced trauma and mental health challenges but have been able to leave a life of addiction having been supported to get  qualifications, volunteer, or into work.

“After a decade, the Harbour goes on proving how time spent with other people in recovery, with group work or one-to-one, works as  a pathway away from addiction. Lambeth is incredibly grateful for the resource in heart of our community”

Harbour Manager Dawn Brecken said: “Based on at least 25 people coming here each day to meet key workers or work in recovery groups, we must have offered help to around 25,000 people over 10 years.

“Predicting our next 10 years isn’t easy. The future could hold unknown drugs. But our immediate top priorities are to deliver more training and get more people qualified as peer mentors, and to offer weekend and evening opening  so people who have moved on and are working are able to return and continue to get support.

“We will continue to adapt to the needs of the community – but we will also go on doing what we already do so well.”

Fiona Connolly, Lambeth Council’s Corporate Director, Housing & Adults Social Care, said: “I’d like to take this opportunity of the Harbour’s 10th anniversary to offer Lambeth’s heartfelt thanks for the amazing dedication and support by the teams working in the Harbour and throughout the service to help people complete their recovery journeys.”

More information

For help if you are concerned about drug or alcohol use visit Lambeth Drug & Alcohol Treatment Consortium.

The Harbour is funded as a joint initiative between Adult Social Care and Public Health to support people who are in recovery.

Why is this important to Lambeth Together?

Substance use is a significant cause of poor health outcomes for residents in Lambeth. This work contributes towards to our Substance Misuse Programme.

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