Lambeth Living Well Network Alliance Progress Report 2021-22

Welcome and introduction

As the immediate impact of the pandemic fades, the services provided by the Alliance face the challenges of returning to business as usual, while responding to the longer term impact of the last couple of years.  This is still a work in progress but we continue to move forward.  

Two recent examples are our new Culturally Appropriate Peer Support and Advocacy service (CAPSA), provided by Black Thrive, which helps the Alliance respond to the inequalities faced by Lambeth’s Black community in mental health services; and the new Staying Well Service pilot, working with GPs and primary care to support people to recover and to manage their own mental health outside secondary services.  

There is much still to do, but we would not have made the progress we have without dedicated staff from all parts of the Alliance, and the continued support of the people of Lambeth, for which we remain immensely grateful.  

Bill Tidnam

Chair of the LWNA Communications and Engagement Group

Chief Executive of Thames Reach