Lambeth All Age Autism Strategy consultation

Lambeth Council and partners in NHS South East London are working together to develop new plans that will support autistic people of all ages in Lambeth to thrive. Consultation to inform a new All Age Autism Strategy from 2023-26 runs from 16 February to 31 March. People with experience of autism and anyone who has an interest in this field are encouraged to share their views online and at local events.    

two young men working together at a table not looking at each otherThe vision: people of all ages with autism are valued and included in their communities

Lambeth’s vision is to ensure individuals of all ages on the autism spectrum are valued and included in their communities. This includes having access to early intervention and education services, as well as employment and housing opportunities that are tailored to the unique needs of individuals on the autism spectrum.

The Council is leading work with partners and stakeholders to develop a strategy that will improve diagnosis and assessment; increase the availability of support; improve training for professionals; and raise awareness about the condition.

Lambeth is committed to understanding what matters most to local people in developing the Strategy. Hearing the voices of autistic people and those who care for and support them will mean that plans will be right for autistic people of all ages.

The Council would like to hear from all people living with autism – children, young people and adults, families and carers. Hearing from people who identify as autistic as well as those with a formal diagnosis of autism and those who receive support for their needs, will help make sure that planners understand the full range of experience of autistic people in Lambeth.

A focus on 7 key areas

The Autism consultation focuses on 7 key areas. 6 of these key areas are identified in the National Autism Strategy.  Additionally, Lambeth has identified a seventh important area of focus, based on local data and insights.

  1. Improving understanding and acceptance of autism within society
  2. Improving autistic children and young people’s access to education and supporting positive transitions to adulthood
  3. Supporting more autistic people into employment
  4. Tackling health and care inequalities for autistic people
  5. Building the right support in the community and supporting people in inpatient care
  6. Improving support within the criminal and youth justice systems
  7. Improving understanding of the roles of parents or carers and how best to work collaboratively with them

How to have your say on Lambeth’s All Age Autism Strategy

There are lots of ways to share your views

  • Fill in an online survey 
  • Send your ideas and comments by email to:  
  • Attend a community consultation event. Email the Council Adult Social care team to find out more:

What happens next?

Preschool boy in classroom with headphones onBetween April and May the Council will look at everything that people have said at meetings, in emails and in the online survey. They will use this to write a Draft Autism Strategy. They will share the Draft Autism Strategy in the spring and early summer for further consultation before approving the Strategy in the summer and beginning to develop an action plan. The Council and partners plan to involve people with autism in developing the action plan. The Strategy and action plan will be published in September 2023 on Lambeth Council’s website     


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