1. Karshare launched in London recently and has supplied vehicles to workers at St Thomas’s, Lambeth and Kings College to name just a few. It asks local people to pledge to lend their vehicle to others.

    For Health Professionals this can replace public transport commute, support community activity, help the distribution of medical supplies and support patient transfers.

  2. Strategic Director of Children’s Services at Lambeth Council

    Merlin Joseph has been appointed as Strategic Director of Children’s Services at Lambeth council.

    Merlin started in Lambeth on March 18 and recently completed her posting as Interim Director of Children’s Services at Oldham Borough Council where she led on the integration of Children’s Services, Education, Skills and Early Years following the recent separation of Directors of Adult and Children’s Social Services at the authority.

  3. Lambeth GP Food Co-op has been working in partnership with Lambeth Council to provide seed growing kits to thousands of vulnerable people in the borough, many of which are living with long term health conditions. As gardening activities across most of our sites has ceased, they thought they’d enable people to become actively involved in growing plants from home.