Time to cut back on drinking? DrinkCoach can help!

At the start of the year you may be thinking about your new year’s resolutions and what healthier habits you can focus on achieving in 2024. If you’ve been drinking a lot over the festive period, you’re not alone and free support is available to cut back or quit.

It’s common for people to drink more during the winter. Events, seasonal depression, and peer pressure can make it harder to say no. Drinking can also be more risky. Dehydration, hypothermia, and accidents are all risks of drinking in cold weather.

If you’ve been wanting to cut back but have been finding it hard get free support from DrinkCoach.

Dr Raj Mitra, local GP and Clinical and Care Professional Lead for the Staying Healthy Programme, said: “Your drinking can slowly increase over time without much thought. Maintaining a healthy relationship with alcohol, and limiting your alcohol intake, can help prevent serious health conditions from developing in the future. If you’re a drinker, and thinking about making a positive change to your health this year, I’d encourage you to check out DrinkCoach”.

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Lambeth residents can book up to six free online coaching sessions with an alcohol specialist to help you cut down, for good. Book your sessions here.

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Why is this important to Lambeth Together?

One of the three main aspirations for Lambeth Together partners is that “people lead healthy lives and have good physical and emotional health and wellbeing for as long as possible”. Alcohol intake is one of the ‘vital five’ – five factors that have a major impact on health at an individual as well as a population level.

Alcohol an important focus within our Staying Healthy Programme, and also features across all of our key aspirations and programmes. Find out more in our five year plan, Our Health, Our Lambeth.

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