Luiz’s story

A local care network helped Luiz work through his issues of loneliness and debt.

Luiz was feeling lonely and stressed out by debt.

Originally from Brazil, the 67-year-old wasn’t aware of any local support to help him tackle his issues because his understanding of English isn’t very good.

Alongside that, he was receiving care for a heart condition, diabetes and anaemia.

As someone with a number of medical conditions, Luiz was given a care coordination assessment from his local care network.

It has changed his life.

The assessment gave Luiz a chance to talk about his problems with debt and his reliance on family to get by.

His only social interactions were rare visits from his family, going to medical appointments and brief chats with his landlord.

Talking through the issues

Antonio – a community liaison officer – was brought in to speak to Luiz in his native language, build up a relationship and help him work through some of these issues.

He helped Luiz review his finances and get £400 a month in benefits that Luiz was entitled to. Luiz was also helped to contact his landlord to get an entrance ramp for his home, rearrange medical appointments and respond to letters.

He has also been invited to attend Stockwell Partnership’s ‘Hug’ group of older Portuguese people, a group that meets regularly for social activities.

Luiz said: “I am very happy with the service and would recommend it to everyone I could.”