Annmarie's story

Read about Annmarie’s approach to getting her blood pressure and diabetes under control.





Picture of Annmarie smiling, outside the Lambeth Together tent at the Lambeth Country Show. She's wearing a swirly bright black, green and orange top and has short pink braids

“I found out I was borderline diabetic when I was going for surgery.  It was a big shock. If you don’t check these things out, you can end up having a stroke. That’s how my mum found out she was diabetic – when she had a stroke. My brother also has diabetes.

“I have high blood pressure, but it’s under control. I have diabetes too. My GP put me on a diet programme to help get my diabetes into remission. I did an online programme over a year. I started going to the gym and also walking. Now I do aquarobics, soca dance, and body conditioning classes, which is lifting weights, as well as changing my diet. And with all of that, I’ve been able to halve the amount of medication I take to keep my blood pressure under control.  

“The way to go is to exercise, and watch what I eat and drink, that’s working for me.” 


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