Substance Misuse Programme priorities

Our priorities are centred around improving specialist inpatient discharge, creating employment opportunities, early ASD diagnosis and suicide prevention for people with ASD.

We want people to be well-informed about the impact that smoking, drinking and abusing substances can have on their health. And when they need support to quit, we want them to know where to go to have the best chance possible in sustaining this.

Our priorities are to:

  • Increase the number of people accessing and completing treatment for substance misuse.
  • Increase the number of substance misusing people from vulnerable and priority groups engaged by someone from a multi-disciplinary outreach team.
  • Expand the treatment provision for substance misuse and alcohol dependence and address any gaps in service provision.
  • Increase our investment in and focus on early intervention and prevention.

To support these priorities, we will:

  • Collate new data to better understand the current and future health and service needs of our population.
  • Improve how we identify high-risk drinkers and offer support to them.
  • Continue to offer people who are pregnant substance use support and advice via midwifery and health visiting services.
  • Increase referrals to substance misuse services from the police (custody), probation and criminal justice system.
  • Monitor how effectively we refer to and sustain people in drug treatment services upon their release from prison.
  • Make sure that residents in supported housing have access to a GP and get holistic support with any mental health and substance use problems.
  • Help rough sleepers to access drug treatment programmes via targeted outreach (also part of the homeless health programme).

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