Fiona Connolly

Corporate Director of Housing and Adult Social Care, Lambeth Council

Fiona has been working in social care since 1987, for local government since 1994 and in Lambeth since 2013. She’s a qualified Social Worker and holds an MBA in Local Government Leadership.

She’s the statutory Director for Adult Social Care for Lambeth, accountable for meeting all the requirements of social care legislation, protecting people who need the highest level of support. She’s impassioned by tackling inequalities and promoting social inclusion and wellbeing for all through Lambeth Together, where there are real opportunities to continue developing an inclusive approach to supporting individuals and communities.

Being part of the Lambeth Together board brings a vast array of opportunities to improve access for the people of Lambeth to health and care services when they need it. It also means that the people of Lambeth can hold health and care professionals to account in one place which increases our visibility as senior leaders to local people which is of huge importance to Fiona.

Joined up delivery of inclusive services with the person and their families at the heart of that delivery is a key priority to Fiona as a key partner in the Lambeth Together integrated health and care world. She will ensure that she and her fellow board members are held to account on this vision and delivery.

Being a social care professional for 34 years, Fiona has seen significant changes across health and care. Though some of them have been challenging due to financial restraints, she believes we are genuinely moving to improved experiences for local people when they require health and care support. The Lambeth Together Care Partnership are working really hard at designing services with local people as opposed to designing services without any discussions with the people who will use them.

Away from the world of health and care Fiona’s interests and hobbies range from gardening, walking and occasional wine tasting!