Dr Penelope Jarrett

GP and Chair of Lambeth Local Medical Committee

Penelope works as a GP near King’s College Hospital and was elected chair of Lambeth Local Medical Committee (or LMC) in 2016. LMCs are statutory bodies that have been representing GPs as providers of services for over a hundred years. Commissioners consult with LMCs about GP contracts. Penelope also represents south east London GPs on the GP Committee of the British Medical Association (BMA).

Penelope knows that GPs are uniquely placed in the health service, as people ask them about anything and everything. They interact with all the other services in the NHS, as well as with the Council and other services outside the NHS.  This breadth of experience means GPs are quick to find out what problems people are having, and how services are working for them. She strongly believes it is in all our best interests that services should work well, and she is keen to collaborate to ensure this happens.

Through the LMC, Penelope has links to GPs across Lambeth which helps her to represent them. She also has links to the other LMC chairs in south east London. Her work with the BMA keeps her in touch with national policy and best practice.  Born at King’s College Hospital, training as a GP at Lewisham Hospital and living Lewisham, Penelope is very rooted in south east London.