Using intelligence across our health and care system

How we will use intelligence to improve health and care services in Lambeth

To ensure we can improve health in Lambeth as a partnership we commit to using intelligence to improve health and care services in Lambeth.

Using intelligence across our system

  • Develop a culture and infrastructure that prioritises data-driven decision-making and approaches to understanding the unique needs of Lambeth residents, especially those who are facing health inequalities. Our goal is to make a positive impact on specific populations within our community, such as those from different ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and those living in deprived areas.
  • Identify opportunities to improve services, provide proactive care, and understand the impact of what we do on our populations. This will involve improving how we collect and analyse information and learn from best practice, research, and quality reviews to continuously improve our efforts.

Two examples of our data-driven approach are:

  • Lambeth Heart is a research and evaluation network developed by Lambeth Council’s Public Health Team in collaboration with local stakeholders, including Black Thrive, King’s College London, and ARC South London.
  • Lambeth DataNet is a data resource that links anonymised patient information from GP registers to enable us to plan and provide better healthcare to everyone in the area.

For more information about health data in Lambeth visit Lambeth health profile | Lambeth Council