For professionals

What the Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance will mean for staff working in health and social care.

While we think the Alliance and neighbourhood-based approach are good news for local people, we also think they will improve how staff work, increase morale and reduce frustration.

This is a complete culture change for all staff in health and social care because it will mean some of the things they do for their own organisation will be replaced by one common way of working across the Alliance and people in different staff teams will work more closely together.

All staff in health and care will be working with local people as equal partners in their care to make sure it meets their needs. They will consider the whole-person in front of them and social interventions will be considered equally alongside medical ones.

Involving staff and local people

To achieve this, staff will be actively involved.

We plan to:

  • apply a ‘co-productive’ approach, where all participating have equal voice and value in the process
  • engage with a wide-range of stakeholder groups to provide diverse perspectives. This includes patients and their families as well as the voluntary and community sector, businesses, schools, housing, arts, sports and culture providers
  • build on what already exists – there are many fantastic initiatives and people in Lambeth and a huge amount of work that has already taken place

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