NWDA complex care priority outcomes

The Neighbourhood & Wellbeing Delivery Alliance aims to supporting those with complex care needs by focusing on these priority outcomes

The Neighbourhood & Wellbeing Delivery Alliance complex care priority outcomes

Neighbourhood & Wellbeing Delivery Alliance (NWDA) is acting to achieve the following as a result of our collaboration with local partners:

  • Ensure people living with long-term conditions in Lambeth have help to manage their condition and prevent complication
    • Ensure diabetes is identified early and managed well
    • Ensure people with chronic pain have consistent, high quality support, are not over medicalised and have community support and streamlined pathways
    • Provide personalised care approaches and structured medicines reviews to ensure that people are prescribed the right medicines for them and know how to take them
  •  Ensure older adults are provided with the right health and care support at the right time
    • Make Lambeth a certified age-friendly and dementia  friendly borough and supports people in ageing well and continuing to tackle the challenges that lead to poorer outcomes in older age