Hypertension Workstream

Our aims

Tackling hypertension, or high blood pressure, links to our partnership’s aspiration ‘to support people to lead healthy lives, detect health conditions early and empower people to manage these conditions and avoid complications’. It remains a top priority for Lambeth Together as outlined in  Our health, Our Lambeth (Lambeth Together’s five year health and care plan).

Data shows that just over 34% of Lambeth adults have higher than average blood pressure. Within this, we have a focus on inequalities, since high blood pressure affects some groups within our community much more than others. 

Our aim in the Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Delivery Alliance (NWDA) is to help more people with  high blood pressure understand how to reduce it. High blood pressure can often go undetected, but left untreated can be fatal, so we also want to help more people test and monitor themselves regularly. 

Our activity focuses on: 

  • reducing inequality by understanding the experiences of hypertension amongst communities experiencing the greatest inequalities in Lambeth, for example black African and black Caribbean populations have some of the poorest blood pressure control 
  • reviewing and refreshing how hypertension is managed by doctors by considering feedback from people who have high blood pressure 
  • promoting community outreach work for hypertension management, for example the Lambeth Health and Wellbeing Bus which travels around the borough providing various health offers, including blood pressure checks programmes for hypertension management 

Our research

In August 2023 we carried out some community engagement research to understand how to improve blood pressure control among Black African, Black Caribbean and other ethnic minority communities in Lambeth. Read the insights and recommendations from the research.

These findings have been shared with Lambeth Together partners and will be integrated into our work to improve blood pressure control and increase uptake of blood pressure checks. 

Find out how to monitor and get support with high blood pressure in Lambeth.